Onboard Advisor Q&A’s

Onboard Advisor Q&A’s

1. What are the disclosure requirements?

Although we recommend full disclosure of Onboard Advisor services to all employees and drivers, the vehicle owner is the only person who must be notified before any equipment is installed.

2. Is commission paid to the agency when the Onboard Advisor subscription is renewed?

The customer agreement is 36-months and changes to month-to-month at the end of the term.  If the insured wants to sign another 36-month contract, then yes, commissions will be paid again.

3. Can you lose the insurance credit on renewal if the score is bad (meaning can it go below 15%)?

Yes, the renewal discount varies depending on the Safety Score and can range from 2% up to 40%. The average insurance discount is 15%.

4. Can the system be developed to provide the most efficient route of travel for a vehicle?

Mobile Advisor can be used to get directions for vehicles from point A to point B.  The system does not generate routes for points A, B, C, D, and E.  The directions can be emailed.

5. Who trains the insured on the product and how is the training conducted?

Onboard Advisor accounts are assigned to a GE Account Executive to assist in training the customer and getting them up and running. There are also online training resources available to every customer under the resource tab when they login.

6. How quickly do you get alerts once you set them up?

Alerts work in real-time for Mobile Advisor.  As soon as an alert is created and vehicles are assigned to the alert, notification to fleet manager(s) begin.

7. I need a full copy of the application as the one in the customer kit does not have all the legal verbiage. Where can I obtain one?

The customer application included with the Onboarding Kit can be used to bind the Onboard Advisor service.  A complete copy of the Customer Agreement and Terms of Use can be found on the website at https://www.onboardadvisor.com/.

8. What is the cost to switch out the equipment to a new vehicle, and can you use the same equipment or do you have to get new equipment?

Equipment can be moved between vehicles. We recommend professional removal and installation to ensure proper functionality. Costs vary depending on the vehicle and installation requirements but companies should expect to pay approximately $120 per vehicle.

Fleets with in-house mechanics can be trained during the initial installation so they can “switch” equipment between vehicles in the future.

9. Can the agency get a quarterly update on their insured’s score to help them monitor and/or change behaviors?

The Onboard Advisor Safety Score is completely confidential and is not shared with any other party. The customer would have to assign the agency as a fleet manager or share the results with the agency directly.

10. My agency needs more details on the insurance discount and how to get it.  What are the criteria and how much of it is discretionary?  Is there a table the underwriter uses?

The Onboard Advisor Discount is a filed discount that applies an Initial Discount of 15% to major coverages for insureds that meet eligibility requirements.  The Renewal Discount varies based on the Safety Score for the fleet, which is a weighted average of all vehicles in the fleet.

11. Why is the insurance savings shown on the dashboard, and does it change monthly when the new score comes out?

A fleet’s Safety Score is calculated on a monthly basis.  The Insurance Savings on the dashboard reflects current savings (red needle) and last month’s savings (grey needle).  Both are generated with a 3-month rolling average and provide the customer with insight of their potential savings at renewal.

12. Can the one-page marketing sell sheet be sent to all agents that participated in the demonstration?

Agents that have access to the Sales Portal have access to all sales and marketing materials.

13. After the first 3-year contract can the insured go month-to-month or do they have to renew for 3 more years?

The customer can choose to go month-to-month or sign up for another contract. If they renew their contract for 3 more years they will receive the latest devices and updated functionality (similar to a cell phone contract).

14. If a car is stolen and the ignition is off, is there still a way to track and locate the vehicle with Onboard Advisor?

The vehicle’s last location before it has been turned-off will be reported.  In addition, an alert can be created to notify OA Customer of first start and begin tracking vehicle.

15. Is there anything to put on a tractor trailer (in case it’s stolen)?

Onboard Advisor does not currently have a trailer tracking solution. It is on the roadmap but not until late 2010 or early 2011.

16. Is the coverage favorable in mountainous terrain?

Onboard Advisor uses a national cellular service provider with similar coverage. If the vehicle moves outside of cellular coverage, driving data is stored on the device and sent as soon as the vehicle is back in a covered area.

17. Any feedback from union shops on this product?

No – nothing yet.

18. On the insurance discount… does that apply across the board?

The insurance discount applies to all major coverages.

19. Can it be sold on personal vehicles?


20. If agency A sells the Onboard Advisor service but insured places coverage with Golden Eagle Insurance through agency B, who gets the commission?

In this case, Agency A would receive the OA commission and Agency B would receive the insurance commission.

21. Can the full application be provided electronically?

Yes.  It is available on the Sales Portal and both Territory Managers and Authorized Agents have access.

22. Is there one ID and password for each agency or can you have individual ID’s and passwords?

The ID and password configuration can be assigned by agency or individual producer.

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