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Architects and Engineers use contracts to delineate the rights and responsibilities of the parties and to manage client expectations. Your RiskPlans  A&E Professional Liability Insurance Policy provides a free contract review service to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with understanding the basic terms of a contract before you sign.

Q: What is the RiskPlans Contract Review Service?

A: The RiskPlans Contract Review Service is a policy benefit in which an experienced attorney from the law firm of Gordon & Rees will review your contract or a contract that your client asks you to sign to ensure that you understand your basic rights and obligations under that contract, as well as various A&E PL uninsurable or limited insurability of some contract provisions.

Q: What is needed to access the service?

A: Two things are needed to use the Aspire Contract Review Service:

    1. Policy number of an active, fully-paid RiskPlans A&E Pro Liability Policy
    2. Electronic pdf of the contract to be reviewed

Q: How do I use the RiskPlans A&E Contract Review Service?

A: Simply email the policy number and electronic document to paul@riskplans.com

We will assign your contract to an experienced attorney at Gordon & Rees, LLP who will review it and provide you with a written explanation of the contract terms and provisions. The review process will typically be completed within 48 hours.

Q: What type of legal service is provided?

A: This service will provide you with basic contract review and a basic written description of the terms of your contract, including a description of the parties, the scope of work, time of commencement, and substantial completion, compensation, insurance, indemnity and penalties for failure to perform. The service will also point out any unique or unusual contract terms or other pitfalls that may warrant further review, although any further review is not included in the basic contract review service and must be purchased separately, through direct retention of Gordon & Rees, LLP or another attorney of your choice.

Q: What legal services are not provided in the Contract Review Service?

A: This service does not include creation of a contract, legal advice regarding your potential liabilities, defenses and damages owed under a contract, insurance coverage under your A & E policy, or any legal services required to resolve any dispute under a contract. This service also does not include review and analysis of specially negotiated or unique contract terms that exceed the parameters of the contract review program. If these services are needed, they can be provided through direct retention of Gordon & Rees, LLP or another attorney of your choice.

Q: How much time is allowed with the Free Service?

A: Your policy provides free review of a maximum of two contracts per policy period. If you require review of more than two contracts during a policy period, additional contract review can be provided through direct retention of Gordon & Rees, LLP at your expense.

Q: Who is Gordon-Rees?

A: Gordon-Rees is a nationally recognized law firm with 17 offices in the United States and over 400 attorneys specializing in a wide range of legal services including representation of architects and engineers. Visit gordonrees.com to learn more. 

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