Products / Services

Our portfolio of services gives America’s hard-

working businesses the power to:

  • Recoup vast amounts of worker’s compensation insurance overpayments with our Compensation Insurance Review and Recovery
  • Increase net present value savings through cost reclassification with our Cost Segregation Studies
  • Take advantage of R & D Tax Credit incentives with our Research & Development
  • Quickly obtain the equipment needed to grow their businesses and keep up with the latest technology at an affordable monthly rate with our Business Equipment Lease Brokering
  • Readily receive the array of funding needed to grow their business every step of the way with our Financial Funding
  • End the nightmare of separate service and maintenance contracts on office, communications, IT, financial and medical equipment with our Equipment Maintenance Contract Review and Consolidation
  • Save up to 50% on bulk office supplies, maintenance, and janitorial expenses with our Bulk Office Supplies Savings Program
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